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My Three of the Week: Music

Maybe I should say…weekend?


Such a stressful two weeks ahead.  Have been trying to relax this weekend, sleep in, walk my dogs, swim, listen to music..  You know, be slightly more zen-like than my normally kinda neurotic, “ass on fire” self.

I can’t stop with Deerhunter.  I just can’t.  Don’t quit me, Deerhunter – with your rhythms, and pings, and pops.  Some of the songs on the last album feel like you are lolling about in the ocean.  Some others – I swear I can harmonize with.  Really.  Me.  Har-MO-NI-ZING.  Impossible you say?  Listen to track 2 – Don’t Cry –  on the album Halcyon Digest and tell me you don’t feel like you can harmonize with them..  (My BF is totally rolling his eyes right now – “sorry darlin’ you can not sing – nevermind HAR-MO-NIZE with those geniuses.”  Genius-i?  Or, “Darlin’, these guys are such genius-i that even YOU can harmonize with them.”).

Buy their albums it if you are the like, one and only person that hasn’t.

And you are welcome.

Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest Album Cover


And, another kinda oldie (when you talk about album releases) – but a goodie.  Phantogram.

Again – if you haven’t purchased Eyelid Movies – just do.  It’s goooood.

And I kinda have a girl-crush on Sarah Barthel.  Call me cray – cray, or just listen to the album and watch a video or two and you will see what I mean.  Girl. Crush.  Or, Boy. Crush.  Y’know, depending on your assigned or chosen gender.

Phantogram – Eyelid Movies Covers


In addition to walking the dogs, etc etc etc.  I have been maniacally watching the first season of Friday Night Lights.  And, was happily reminded of Explosions in the Sky and their music in the movie.

We were listening to The Earth is not a Cold Dead Place.

EITS – The Earth is not a Cold Dead Place Cover


XOXO – Secret Recess

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