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Outfit Post: Vintage dress for dinner with friends and a rock show

Holy hell! That’s awkward!  And the maniacal scrutinizing of images is sooo tiresome!  How do those fashion bloggers do it?

But, I trudged through!  Let me present, my first outfit post!

I love looking at other people’s blogs and seeing the outfits that they put together.  It was something I wanted to do when I started this blog – but it is kinda intimidating in practice.  But whatever.  Here goes, wish me luck!



Dress: Vintage Laura Ashley, Shoes: Aldo, Bag: Coach, Jewelry: Made With Love In Africa


This is a vintage Laura Ashley dress.  Surprised?  I was.  All I remember are the jumpers when I was a kid, and I had no idea that they made clothes for adults.  And then the thought entered my head that this was actually a long dress meant for a kid and it somehow miraculously fit me.  Or maybe it was for a large kid?  Whatever.

I also remember the bed linens from about 6th grade.  Oh!  The flowery, Laura Ashley pillow sets and comforters, how I loved thee.

Anyway, the dress is sooo comfortable and easy to wear. I found it on Ebay, which, for vintage freaks like me, is HEAVEN on earth.  Before you jump in, just make sure you know your measurements.

To get your measurements, I suggest measuring one side of  a few articles of clothing of varying styles.  Like, a tank dress, a cap sleeve shirt, a fitted dress with sleeves etc.  I think it is better to measure clothing than your actual body because, it is nearly impossible to get good measurements if you are not a professional.  Or, if you are alone.  Anyway, most sellers only measure the front panel – or from shoulder to shoulder, sleeve to sleeve etc..  Compare your well fitting article of clothing (ex. your tank dress) with the article of clothing (their tank dress) to see if it will work for you.  But, I probably didn’t need to tell you that – you are a smarty pants, I am sure.

These are some of my favorite vintage stores on Ebay:

American Archive

Kingston Avenue Vintage: SUPER nice folks in Oklahoma

Vulture-Culture-Vintage: these folks donate proceeds from your purchases to animal rescues in the Los Angeles area

BustownModern (no space in name)

Cotton-Love: located in the UK, they ship to the US fairly cheaply

Thanks to my generous supervisor at work,  I am also wearing the “new basic” coach bag that you can find here.  Shoes are Aldo and finishing off the outfit I worked in the plastic bracelets that I mentioned in this post.

This outfit reminds me of the late 80s/early 90s.  I was a little worried that it might look too “cute”.  But, I tried to toughen it up with the plain bag, heavy shoes and really play into the vintage vibe with the bracelets (and really, the classic bag), and sparkly earrings.  Sometimes when a dress is so theme-y, I feel like it is best to just go and push the theme a bit – rather than try to modernize it.

Blah blah blah, more blah blah blah and waxing on unpoetically about clothes.

Anyway, it was perfect for dinner with friends on a sunny (read: sweaty) porch and a rock show (read: sweaty).

Another pic of the dress and it’s super cute pockets and pleats:




PS – The band we went to see is called White Denim if you haven’t checked them out, you should!  They are great!  I mean, if you are like me and you like rock music and cute dudes.



Outfit(-ish) post: 1985 and “Feel Good” Jelly Bracelet Obsession

Q. You know what is popular with me year around?

A. Something that doesn’t make me look fat..

Q. You know what is REALLY popular with me around this time of year?

A. Something that doesn’t make me look fat AND something that doesn’t make me sweat.

Fat..phat…fat chance o’ that – right?  Wrong.

These gummy bracelets from Africa don’t make me feel fat or sweaty.  They do make me feel PHAT, thought.  (Snort, snort – get it?  Snort, snort – I keeel meh).

I bought some of them at a store in Los Angeles (actually Silverlake for all you hipster police) last fall called Lake.  Loved them so much I went on a binger and bought 97 more from a website called Made With Love from Brazil.  Technically, I think the term would be hoard.  Anyway, the bracelets can be found here.

Here are the reasons these bracelets are great for me and for you:

1. They are recycled so you can be green and show off your greenness since it seems like greenness is now a status symbol.  Hey, not knocking it.  Jus’ saying.

2. They are plastic and can be sweated in.  Which is very important to me, which I have made abundantly clear in the last 3 posts.  And, frankly, should be important to everyone.

3. They don’t make you look fat.  Which is a no-brainer.  Am I right?  I am right.

4. Specifically, they are exactly this (cut and pasted from the website): MADE WITH LOVE recycled rubber bracelets are made by a Women’s Co-operative in Djenné, Mali, West Africa. Paid a fair price for their work these bracelets provide the women with a viable means of support and are sold to raise funds for L’Empire des Enfants.

L’Empire des Enfants is (cut and pasted from the website): L’Empire des Enfants founded by A.S.A.O, is a center for homeless children from the streets of Dakar, Senegal, providing them with shelter, meals, education and training programs as well as working with local organizations to return the children to their families.

And, if being green, showing it off, not feeling fat and being socially responsible by helping these enfants in Senegal isn’t enough for you: The most compelling reason is below:

5. They remind you of 1985, when they were called Jelly Bracelets and you could find them at Michaels.  It was a time when you were innocent, fun-loving and not jaded.  You traded them with friends and the glitter and neon were super hot (hawt?) commodities.  You also may or may not have put them in your mouth in such a way to look like the retainer the older sister you idolized wore.  What?  Just me?  Nevermind.

Incidentally, when I did a google search for “jelly bracelets 1985” it brought up an internet rumor that the wearer of these bracelets is soliciting for sex.  So the bracelets are supposedly code, and the different colors mean different sexual stuff.  Gosh, wonder what they would make out of the ones I am wearing that are multicolored?  “YAHOO!  GET THIS GIRL A DRINK!” (See..  This is what I spend my time thinking about.  Ugh.  Surely there is something more important I should be worrying about.) For your information though, the whole rumor was disproven by snopes – so you are safe, people.  You are NOT going to be winked at and/or flashed by a stranger at the snow cone stand.  Or, maybe you will – but it will not be because you were wearing a combination of red and yellow bracelets which may or may not be code for a wink and a flash.

Another picture of the bracelets with my watch from J.Crew.  Ignore the veins.

And, no I am not 100 years old despite the presence of so many hand veins.


Obsession: English Satchels

My parents took me to the UK when I was 8 years old and I have been, some would say, slightly obsessed with all things English-y ever since.

Naturally, my inner Anglophile was immediately drawn to these bags from The Cambridge Satchel Company.  (Dying for the green and navy!)  I feel like they are the perfect amount of preppy/English school lad, and rugged, thick, hard leather motorcycle greatness.  And, the older and more tired and distressed the leather gets, the better, I bet.

They offer several different colors, including more manly colors than I have displayed here –  like black, brown and navy.  And, like a little gift to my 8 year old self in 1986 – neon.  They come large enough to fit your laptop and your sketch pad and lipstick.  Or one small enough to take out with you at night.  You might even be able to fit a simple change of clothes in that going out bag – wink, wink.

And, what’s more – you can embellish them with little badges that say MONITOR  or HEAD GIRL.  They will also emboss them with your name or initials.  PS. I was totally a hall monitor when I was 8.  Unbelievable, I know.

XOXO – Secret Recess

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