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A screening and a mob scene….

Got to attend a screening for one of our friends movies – Jeff, Who Lives at Home – at the VERY impressive Paramount Theater here in the ATX.  It was showing as part of the Austin Film Festival that is going on until the 27th.  The movie was so good, I even cried a little!  Go see it when it comes your way.  And, holy cow, Susan Sarandon is the most beautiful woman on earth. She plays the mom to two loveable, but naive brothers played by Jason Segel and Ed Helms.  It was funny as hell, entertaining and totally relate-able.

After the screening and drinks on the Stephen F Austin bar balcony, we went by the Continental Club on Congress.  We didn’t go in because there was a MOB of people outside.  Come to find out that the plethora of peeps was because Johnny Depp was playing with Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) inside. WTF!

Pissed we missed that!  I need to see Johnny Depp in person… I am not one of those freaks about him.  Yes, he is handsome.  Yes, he is REALLY talented, but I wouldn’t hang his poster on my wall.  You know what I mean?  I just need to see him in person so I can confirm he is an actual human.  AmIRight? IAmTotallyRight.

Wore this (below) vintage, paisley jumpsuit I got on Ebay and vintage, girly, puff sleeve blazer I got for less than $5 dollars at a thrift store in LA.  I think the total cost for both pieces is about 17 dollars.  I also got the bracelet from Ebay.   Man, is Ebay the BEST or what?  I mentioned some of my favorite stores and some tips in this post.

Earrings and shoes from JCrew.  Vintage gold and stone rings from my mom’s jewelry box.  (Shhh)

PS if I look like I am smelling something is because I am.  What waaaaaaaaaaasssss that funky smell on my driveway!  Today it smelled like garlic.  Better, but still totally weird.

Have a great week!


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