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Makeup Tutorials and Pixiewoo

Found this website: PixieWoo when I was goofing around…er…doing research, on the internet.

There are like 1 million things I love about this whole thing they have going on.  One thing are the very detailed reviews.  They are complete with gorgeous pictures and detailed explanation of every.single.thing.  But, I think the the thing I like the most is their makeup tutorials on YouTube.  They cover everything from corpse brides (as in Tim Burton) to Edie Sedgwick’s iconic black and white eye and nude lip (as in awesome).  It is mesmerizing to watch, first.  Second, they teach you something!

Like – how to do your brows!  I think everyone needs to see a tutorial on how to deal with their brows, am I wrong?  It is so hard not to over-pluck!

I was so enthralled with the Kim Kardashian makeup tutorial, I didn’t even notice that Josie was killing a little pink elephant just steps away.



Rocker-Outer Challenge and Some Karen O for good measure

Here is how I feel.. Well, I feel a lot of things (hello, heart on sleeve – emotional blurter-outer)  But this is how I feel about individual fashion..

I challenge you this… Are you ready?

When you get dressed for a night out or for an event or even for work – take a risk.  Your risks can start out small.   And your risks are different from other people’s risks.  We’re all different!  (Catching a theme here – I will spell it out – WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT).   Anyway, wear a color you don’t normally wear.. Wear a shape you don’t normally subscribe to.  But take a risk that isn’t you..

I don’t take many risks – in life, in relationships, or otherwise.  I just don’t.  Do you??

But, every. single. time. I reach out and wear something that is just slightly – like 10-30% different than what I normally wear – I swear (you can imagine me swearing to whatever energy based thing you subscribe to, or just plain baby Jesus – I don’t care) I get more compliments than normal.  I tell my clients, if you are questioning your outfit a little – like 10%.. You are perfect.

For example – I wore a red vintage tunic-y thing with a frilly slip that had 3 (THREE) layers of eyelet ruffles, black tights and motorcycle boots.  It was a bit of a stretch and I had to distract myself from obsessing about it in in the car on the way to meet my friends that I hadn’t seen in years.   You know what I got for the evening?  “You look like a rock and roll Raggedy Ann” (they meant it positively) and I had 6 (SERIOUSLY SIX – I totally counted) women strangers come up to me, stop me mid- whiskey sip and tell me that they “LOVED” my outfit.  Dudes were another thing- even more flattering.  Got asked to costume a movie that night and most importantly to me.. BF was like “Darlin’ – totally digging on your good girl gone kinda bad vibe thing-y”.

Do it.  Try it.  Let me know.  You can email me your outfit and ask me if it works – I will tell you, honestly.   And,  if you are really brave and you want me to – I will post on my website your photos of YOU taking a risk and getting good feedback from my other readers..  Challenge!!!  TA DA!

And, you should know I have been to therapy and attend therapy, and studied to be a therapist for years – so I totally know how to tell you no-way-Jose without making you feel like a dork.  I won’t leave ya hangin’ either, boo – I will give you suggestions. We’re all about positivity up in this joint, yo’.

Most importantly with anything – just have confidence and rock it the eff out.



Yeah Yeah Yeahs..  Karen O – risk taker-rocker-the-effer-outer.  You can totally do this, you may just want to wear a skirt over them there red tights and don’t drape yourselves allovers a dude with a Ramones tee on. Or, maybe you do want to drape yourself all over a dude in a Ramones tee? Just remember to keep them there legs togethers, like Miss O.

PS – I heart thems.  And I used to see Ms O around my neighborhood in LALA and I got to work with her at my old gig.  She looked as rad in person.  Trust.


Yes, another VMA re-crap.

Ok.  So.  I watched part of the VMA’s last night before I was torn away by my obsession with Breaking Bad (HOLY HELL!).

And, here is what I saw..

Jay Z and Kanye walking out of what appears to be a giant vagina. On fire.  A giant vagina of fire.



Is this an ode to Beyonce’s impregnated womb?

Now, now, now – I love Jay Z.  And, I love Kanye.  Especially when he says things like “George Bush hates black people” (HILARIOUS).  And their new album is dope.  See, even white girls got to shout.  But, they came out all awesome like, through this birth canal, er..lit up row of lights and ended the song at the end of the stage.  Then, the music stopped and they stood there kinda awkward and then ran off.  It was weird.  And, this is Jay the mutha effing Zeee and Kan-YAY Wess!  Perhaps they should have gone back the way they came?

(There are so many jokes I want to say right now..)

Liked Kanye’s shirt though.  But, the crotch of his pants looks wide.  And, not in a good way.  Not in the way you think I mean.

Then, this?  What the..?


It looks like there is pink poop on her head.

There.  Someone had to say it.

And, Katy Perry..  What you would get if a Geisha and Rainbow Bright gave birth to a scary white kid with perfect boobs.

I don’t know.  Maybe I am just too old for this.  But, I feel like there are only a couple of people out there doing the whole “look how crazy I can dress” and they are all losing to Gaga aka Ralph Macchio.




She looked like s Simpson’s version of Ralph.  Or, like when you have a dream about someone and you know it is them, but for some reason they look like an exaggerated version of themselves.  Voila!  Lady Gaga as her abusive transgendered ex-boyfriend!

Ok, then at the end (came back to it after BB) – I thought my TV or digital cable was going out during Little Wayne’s performance.  I mean… Every other syllable was dropped. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.  What was the point?  I get it, you’re pissed at the world, or whatever.

But, really?  Oh, you didn’t get you were on TV.  Ah.  Understandable.  I cuss like that too when I am not being recorded.


Now, for my something positive.  Beyonce looked amazing on the carpet (that was black btw, oh, those cheeky MTV creatives).  She’s wearing Lanvin, which is amazing and she looks incredible.


Womb and all.

And, there ya have it.  My highlights and low lights and commentary on the 2011 MTV VMAs.





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