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Photoshoot with Sarah Stacey from Sarah Stacey Design and Sandy Carson

Something that I used to do more of when I lived in Los Angeles, and definitely want to do more of here in Austin, is style photoshoots.

I got the awesome opportunity to work with my friend and wine drinking partner,  Sarah Stacey and a fantastic photographer named Sandy Carson a few weeks back.  We got the images back and I am pretty pleased with the way the clothing looks.  We had a great time pulling and doing the fitting the day before.  One word – mimosas!

Gotta say that it TOTALLY helps that Sarah is completely photogenic, easy to work with, adventurous and has a great eye (she’s an interior designer afterall).  And Sandy is a totally freaking amazing photographer.  So fun and relaxed and had such great ideas.  Check out his website here.  You can get to Sarah’s interior design blog here.  And you can access the website for her interior design business – Sarah Stacey Design here.

Thanks for lookin’!


SO BUSY! You too?

Oh fwinds!  It has been a couple of overwhelmingly busy weeks!

So much going on!  PHEW!  I have like, seriously…10 posts that I want to write.  Having issues with time!  This is a quick little “Hello!  How are ya?!  Life is grand!  More to come!”

But here is a little appetizer/recap.

FIRST – Still workin’ my 20% off specials!  Visiting clients in Houston this weekend (can’t wait!), selling gift certificates to husbands for their wives.  Selling gift certificates to wives for their husbands.  Selling gift certificates to husbands for husbands and wives for wives…

I’ll stop… You get the idea…I am selling gift certificates!  You can still purchase at 20% off.  It is a great idea, I think.  You give them me and you give them a gift card to their favorite store and I will help them spend the money 🙂

SECOND – I went to New Orleans.  I love that place.  And, no joke – I would weigh 973 lbs if I lived there.  SERIOUSLY..  The bread.  The butter.  The sugar.  The drinks.  Oh, everything is so fun and so pretty!  Can’t wait to go back!  Anyway, more on that later.  I have a whole post full of pictures and a very detailed description of my evening at a “Bounce”.  YES.  A Bounce. Rad-ist night of my life.  No joke.

THIRD – I did this super awesome shoot with my super fun friend Sarah Stacey and one of the coolest photographers..eva’ – Sandy Carson.  I really want to show off the pics!  So, I will!  Soon!  As soon as I can put it all together.

FORTH – I’s gettin’ marrrrried!  WOW!  ME!  And, we are doing this quick-like (no, it is not shotgun) so I have been frantically pulling things together.  Like, the location, the dress etc.  You see, we are getting married in Austin and there is only about 72 hours of decent weather here each season.  Everyone tries to book a wedding in those 3 days in spring or fall.  So, here we are – in the rat race!  Really though, so exciting!  BTW – In a past post I talked all about wedding dresses.  Sheesh, it is much harder than I thought it would be.   And, if you are like me – you second guess it.  And third, and forth.  Never mind trying to dress bridesmaids!  Sheesh.  Obsess much?


Oh, and I have a REAL job too, and we are slammin’ busy right now.

Life is good!  Thankful this season for friends, family, work and my new fiance 🙂

More to come!



How Cute Are THESE Kids?

I mean…really.  Could these kids be any cuter?

Look at those sweet faces!

A SUPER-DUPER busy mom hired me to help her “style” her adorable children for their Christmas pics.  WHAT FUN!

She gave me two pieces from their wardrobe that she wanted to incorporate in the photos, told me a lot about their little personalities and described the background and the props they were planning on using.  This is what we came up with!!  So cute I think!  But really, these kids are so gorge…my job was pretty easy.

I think they look natural, and normal, bright, fun and their little personalities totally shine through.

The photographer is Kappy.  What a joy to work with!  And, obviously the kiddos think she is fun!  Take a look at all of her work on her website here.  Great stuff!

And, just a bit shameless self-promotion (it’ll only last a second):

Check out my services here and remember – 20% off all my services during Nov., Dec., and Jan.  There!  That’s it!

More cute kids…

This one kills me!


P.S. Special thanks to my client and to Kappy for allowing me to post these pics!


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