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The Little’s First Birthday

What fun that was! My daughter had her first birthday a couple of weeks back and we threw a little party for her.

In my brain, when you are on a pretty strict budget (like I always am) I try to focus on three things and let the rest fall into place.  The three things change with every event I do depending on the event, theme, time etc.  For Little’s birthday, I chose to focus on the invite, the food, and a few special decorations.  The rest was pretty simple…  Flowers here and there, a couple of streamers outside, booze, booze and more booze.

So, here we go.

INVITE : This gorgeous card screamed out to me in stereo and satisfied my obsession with chartreuse. Speaking of chartreuse, have you seen my couch? It’s chartreuse..I’m on a kick, don’t ask.  I am sure my husband is gagging.  I also have chartreuse bed linens, art and maybe a throw pillow or 6 that are chartreuse.  Anyway – here is a link to the adorable shop I got the invites from on Etsy called : Simplicity Papers Go check out her stuff – it’s so sweet, clean and pretty.  Shop owner is communicative, friendly and turned my things around VERY quickly.  She did a whole ‘nother set of invites for me after this that turned out ah-mazing. (more on that party later).



FOOD : Entry way favor table. Inside the big bowls,  I had little scoops for guests to scoop their own little goodies into little muslin bags that I attached a thank you card to that matched the invite from Simplicity Papers. I used old time-y candy because…yum.  And, they are pretty.  And, the candy bowls will actually be great to use at know..for when I feel like doing a little indoor gardening (what? no).



MORE FOOD : This is the buffet table I set up on our dining room table.  Please notice the darling garlands that I had custom-made to match the invite (ohmygod, I am THAT PERSON) from another awesome Etsy shop called Young Hearts Love.  She also was friendly, dependable, communicative and a pleasure to work with.  Her little garlands are now decorating my daughter’s room, and every time I go in there I feel happy.  Give her some Etsy love, will ya?

In addition to cake, we served a big green salad with goat cheese, pomegranate seeds, sunflower seeds and sliced pears with a lemon vinaigrette dressing.  Three different kinds of tea sandwiches – dill cream cheese and cucumber (because, you can’t have tea sandwiches and not include a cucumber), smoked turkey with rocket, cranberries and toasted pecans.  And, a roasted chicken salad with celery.  And melon skewers with strawberries.

And yes, those are LED candles.  Yall.  I gots kids at this thang, and paper poufs hanging above.  Don’t hate.



Below : Le Bar.  Because, you know.  It’s really for the adults at one year old’s party.  And maybe the mom because she might be someone who likes to have parties, and celebrate, and buy too much chartreuse. Ahem.

Notice more garland, and this time I used Young Hearts Love  little metallic clouds.  So sweet, they make my teeth hurt.  It was a real b. to get that thing centered though – note to self, STOP EYEBALLING everything.  Use a tape measure once in a while.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

And last but not least, the CAKE.  This was made by Olga over at Polkadots Cupcake Factory here in Austin.  They did our wedding cakes and I just had to have them do Little’s birthday cake.  Olga matched the invite perfectly.  Red velvet with cream cheese icing…  It was so so so so good.



And there you go!  Invite, food, decorations…

Side note – those of you that follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you might recognize the wood pieces on the table. I had my generous brother-in-law cut this big log from a tree my neighbor threw out into varying heights to use as trivets.  I wanted to create some depth and interest on the table.  I think they did just the trick.  No?

Thanks for reading!  I kinda feel like you all celebrated with us a bit, now.  Awe.


PS Coming up next : a LOVE party!

I’m back! And, I am married!

Yep! I missed a lot while I was gone.

But between work, the wedding, honeymoon, and moving – it was like I had just focus on little tiny pieces, one at a time.  So, some of the things I appreciate most – like writing this blog – fell to the side.

But, it is all over now.  Feels fantastic!  But, I have to say – I am so glad that I am only doing a wedding once.   Wowza.  Am I right married ladies in the audience?  Sheesh!  It wasn’t really the planning that freaked me out.  It was the personal pressure…Make sense?

Anyway, my photographers are busily working on my photos – but I was so curious, they sent me a few just to keep me sane.

And, by “they” I mean – Erica Nix and Whitney Lee from Whitney Lee Photography.   These women are FANTASTIC.  So fun, so professional, so outgoing and creative.  Hearts to them.  The photographer is so darn important – I mean, it is really all you have left from the wedding after it is over.  And, truthfully, I was so freaked walking down the aisle, I didn’t even “see” anything.  So, when they sent me these photos – it was the first time I actually absorbed the decorations.

I will blog later about the whole deal…caterers, wedding designer, wedding coordinator, venues, videographer, DJs, string quartet, etc etc.  For now, just a taste.


Ceremony Space – photo by Whitney Lee


Fringe during the day – Photo by Whitney Lee


Ceremony “Fans” – Photo by Whitney Lee


More and more and more later.  But in the meantime – check out the ladies at Whitney Lee and my amazingly creative designer Liz from The Nouveau Romantics.  Also, check out my locations Botticelli’s South Congress and Kimber Modern Hotel.  All incredible folks!


Chas and Mattie

I go through phases with  Whole months will go by that I don’t visit the site even once.  Then randomly I will sit down with the intention of only spending a few minutes online, look at the clock and like a flash 3 hours have gone by.  I totally fall down the wormhole.  I pour over names, research census records, check dates, count children, look at death records…

Speaking of..

This is the death record for a woman named Martha Barnett, who died in 1919 in the teeeeeeeny town of Cedar Creek, Texas (21 miles from Austin, near Bastrop).  Her cause of death was “NO DOCTORS” (what the hell does that mean?).  I also believe her to be my great, great, grandmother.

My mother told me that she thought some of her family was from central Texas and gave me her grandparents names.  Thus starting the madness.  From there I got their parents names, and from there I got their parents names and all the kids names, and all the random “laborers” that lived with them in their houses in 1810 etc etc etc.

So, it seems I come from a long line of farmers and housewives…..I suck and both farming and housework, by the way.

I would have made a terrible 1800 frontiers woman.  Afraid of my own shadow, the “woods”, tetanus, brown spiders, spindly black spiders (black widows!), hard work outside, drafty houses, sun damage..  I will exhibit an almost violent reaction to having to (gasp) hand wash something.  Just to name a few of my near-phobias…(You totally want to be my friend now, don’t you?)

Sorry to say that their line of work was not “aristocrat-ing” or “bourgeoisie-ing” – I would have been awesome at that!

I kid, I kid.  Sortof.

Anyway, learning that the thriving metropolis of Cedar Creek was only 30 minutes away from where I live now was kinda exciting.  Learning that Martha (above) and her husband, my great, great grandfather Charles John Barnett are buried there was even more exciting.  I loaded up the doggies, and the fiance and we went on a little trip to check it all out.

As we drove through the country side, we talked a little about what it might have looked like in the mid-1800s.  And, what brought them over to central Texas from the deep south, anyway?  And, why this area in particular?

I need to do more research.

But until then, I discovered not only my great, great grandparents graves in the cemetery, but a whole mess of presumed relatives.  Creepy/crazy!

And, look – someone cared enough to put yellow little flowers in front of their graves.  Isn’t that my job?  The totally neglectful great, great, granddaughter – ugh!

Thank you to the sweet soul who is looking out for them and cared to make their headstones pretty.

Who are these people?  What were their lives like?  How did they all die, and why so early some of them?  What brought them to Texas?  And to Cedar Creek (the sticks, even now)?  How long has it been since someone from their family visited them?  What does “NO DOCTORS” mean?

It’ll take time, but I aim to get some questions answered.

Thanks for reading this very personal entry!



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