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Makeup Tutorials and Pixiewoo

Found this website: PixieWoo when I was goofing around…er…doing research, on the internet.

There are like 1 million things I love about this whole thing they have going on.  One thing are the very detailed reviews.  They are complete with gorgeous pictures and detailed explanation of every.single.thing.  But, I think the the thing I like the most is their makeup tutorials on YouTube.  They cover everything from corpse brides (as in Tim Burton) to Edie Sedgwick’s iconic black and white eye and nude lip (as in awesome).  It is mesmerizing to watch, first.  Second, they teach you something!

Like – how to do your brows!  I think everyone needs to see a tutorial on how to deal with their brows, am I wrong?  It is so hard not to over-pluck!

I was so enthralled with the Kim Kardashian makeup tutorial, I didn’t even notice that Josie was killing a little pink elephant just steps away.




Etsy Store: Go Go Snap and I feel kinda legit, now


Cute, right?

These are my brand new business cards that I ordered from a store called Go Go Snap on Etsy.  I feel sorta legit.  Or, for realz and stuff.  Fun!

Check out all of her awesome vintage inspired goods here.  Julie was super helpful, quick and communicative.  She sent back a proof just hours after I reached out, the product was done within just a few days and the box arrived 3 days after she shipped from CA.  Great.  And, she patiently walked me through the layout – which can get confusing.


Etsy is the best.

Don’t prank me.


Happy Sunday!



In The Woods. Literally.

Sometimes you just gotta go take a walk in the woods.

From the Barton Creek Greenbelt in Austin, Texas.

Do you spy the doggies in the weeds?


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