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I’m back! And, I am married!

Yep! I missed a lot while I was gone.

But between work, the wedding, honeymoon, and moving – it was like I had just focus on little tiny pieces, one at a time.  So, some of the things I appreciate most – like writing this blog – fell to the side.

But, it is all over now.  Feels fantastic!  But, I have to say – I am so glad that I am only doing a wedding once.   Wowza.  Am I right married ladies in the audience?  Sheesh!  It wasn’t really the planning that freaked me out.  It was the personal pressure…Make sense?

Anyway, my photographers are busily working on my photos – but I was so curious, they sent me a few just to keep me sane.

And, by “they” I mean – Erica Nix and Whitney Lee from Whitney Lee Photography.   These women are FANTASTIC.  So fun, so professional, so outgoing and creative.  Hearts to them.  The photographer is so darn important – I mean, it is really all you have left from the wedding after it is over.  And, truthfully, I was so freaked walking down the aisle, I didn’t even “see” anything.  So, when they sent me these photos – it was the first time I actually absorbed the decorations.

I will blog later about the whole deal…caterers, wedding designer, wedding coordinator, venues, videographer, DJs, string quartet, etc etc.  For now, just a taste.


Ceremony Space – photo by Whitney Lee


Fringe during the day – Photo by Whitney Lee


Ceremony “Fans” – Photo by Whitney Lee


More and more and more later.  But in the meantime – check out the ladies at Whitney Lee and my amazingly creative designer Liz from The Nouveau Romantics.  Also, check out my locations Botticelli’s South Congress and Kimber Modern Hotel.  All incredible folks!


The best day, in the best city…New Orleans.

I spent 3 1/2 glorious days in my new favorite city – New Orleans.  This is a post about just one of them.

I went to NOLA once before years and years ago.  It was the millennium and everyone was too afraid of the pending Y2K apocalypse to do anything super exciting (like, LEAVE THE HOUSE).  Let’s put it this way, I remember seeing the Ponchartrain and the inside of a house party.  And, really – if we were all going to die in a Y2k explosion, why the hell weren’t we partying like crazy and having fun and being the last people to see Jackson Square?  Lame.

This trip was anything but lame.  And, yes – it has everything to do with my sweet boyfriend (“darlin’ man” – you remember from other posts) proposing to me within hours of arriving.  Everything was tinged a bit sweeter with that development, I will say.  That city is just vibrating and brimming with excitement and possibilities.  Getting engaged, starting a whole new life with someone you love like crazy is possibly the most exciting thing I have ever experienced – so appropriate that it happened there.  It was awesome.  (I am totally resisting the urge to put about 100 exclamation points right HERE)

Thanksgiving day (the day after the proposal) we got up at the crack of dawn (literally) and went down to have breakfast at Cafe du Monde.

We made all the phone calls to our family and close friends to tell them the happy news.  We walked around a still waking, French Quarter.  Picked up the spiciest Bloody Mary I have ever tried to drink at a hotel,  and just walked down the street with it.  Just like that!  Walked down the street with a Bloody Mary!  I love NO.  Note: do not tell the NOLA bartenders that you would like it mild.  They make it hotter.  DOH!

We went back to the hotel – The Frenchman.  Changed clothes and walked over to Brennan’s for our non-traditional Thanksgiving Day lunch.

I loved that guy above.

Later that afternoon we took a nap, changed and went to watch the Longhorns actually win a game.  Then..THEN… THE BOUNCE.

New Orleans Bounce

That was about the most fun I have ever had in my entire life.  All these people get together and dance their asses off… Literally.  The dudes are incredible.  The women are absolutely amazing.  They are so athletic, it is crazy.  There were impersonators.  I got dragged out to the dance floor TWICE to shake, shake, shake by one of the leader guys..

And, no – I can’t do that shake-y shake-y thing AT ALL (too white).  It is pathetic how little coordination I have.  Why God, why couldn’t I be graced with just a little of that..  THAT??

Big Freedia – Y’all Get Back Now

When we left, we got po’ boys and humongous beers at a gas station for our walk back to The Frenchman.

God, I love that place and I love those people.

I think that was probably the best day of my life.

So, see –  “Darlin” it doesn’t take much.  Just lots of booty shakin’, a new sparkly ring, and the finest food to make me happy!

You can see more pictures of our trip in the slideshow below:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

SO BUSY! You too?

Oh fwinds!  It has been a couple of overwhelmingly busy weeks!

So much going on!  PHEW!  I have like, seriously…10 posts that I want to write.  Having issues with time!  This is a quick little “Hello!  How are ya?!  Life is grand!  More to come!”

But here is a little appetizer/recap.

FIRST – Still workin’ my 20% off specials!  Visiting clients in Houston this weekend (can’t wait!), selling gift certificates to husbands for their wives.  Selling gift certificates to wives for their husbands.  Selling gift certificates to husbands for husbands and wives for wives…

I’ll stop… You get the idea…I am selling gift certificates!  You can still purchase at 20% off.  It is a great idea, I think.  You give them me and you give them a gift card to their favorite store and I will help them spend the money 🙂

SECOND – I went to New Orleans.  I love that place.  And, no joke – I would weigh 973 lbs if I lived there.  SERIOUSLY..  The bread.  The butter.  The sugar.  The drinks.  Oh, everything is so fun and so pretty!  Can’t wait to go back!  Anyway, more on that later.  I have a whole post full of pictures and a very detailed description of my evening at a “Bounce”.  YES.  A Bounce. Rad-ist night of my life.  No joke.

THIRD – I did this super awesome shoot with my super fun friend Sarah Stacey and one of the coolest photographers..eva’ – Sandy Carson.  I really want to show off the pics!  So, I will!  Soon!  As soon as I can put it all together.

FORTH – I’s gettin’ marrrrried!  WOW!  ME!  And, we are doing this quick-like (no, it is not shotgun) so I have been frantically pulling things together.  Like, the location, the dress etc.  You see, we are getting married in Austin and there is only about 72 hours of decent weather here each season.  Everyone tries to book a wedding in those 3 days in spring or fall.  So, here we are – in the rat race!  Really though, so exciting!  BTW – In a past post I talked all about wedding dresses.  Sheesh, it is much harder than I thought it would be.   And, if you are like me – you second guess it.  And third, and forth.  Never mind trying to dress bridesmaids!  Sheesh.  Obsess much?


Oh, and I have a REAL job too, and we are slammin’ busy right now.

Life is good!  Thankful this season for friends, family, work and my new fiance 🙂

More to come!



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