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A Challenge? And a shout out to Linda Richman. Yes. THAT Linda Richman.

Picked up this Michael Jackson meets Linda Richman studded, peach-y/mango-y – lightweight jacket today at an awesome 20 vendor Yard Sale at Spider House.

I think it is awesome.  BF thinks it is ridiculous and when I went into my – “well, I will rip the seam here and take out the shoulder pads (which are enormous, btw) and then I will pair it with something plain that looks like blah blah blah” – his eyes glazed over and he barely managed a “good luck with that, darlin'” before he turned back to the Cowboys game (they won).

A-HA!  A CHALLENGE!  Or at least, in my mind it is a challenge.  Everything is a game, ain’t it Anisman.

Anyway, I think it is an amazing gold studded, fake silk-y, Boca Raton, nugget of sweetness sent from 80’s wardrobe HEAVEN.

Can’t wait to show it off.  I’ll post pics of me in all of it’s nearly neon awesomeness and you can be the judge.


Some VERY special “specials”! And a little awkwardness thrown in..cause it is me.

This morning when the weather was in the 50s I started to actually grasp the fact that fall was coming – perhaps in the distance but I see it!  Do you?

I know, it seems impossible that it would ever rear it’s autumnal head and descend on our fair state.  But, whether you are happy about it or not (I AM!) the weather is changing and we are going to have to refresh our closets.  Change things around a bit in our houses and move summer to the back and winter to the front.  The holidays are coming up and new year celebrations are just around the corner, too.  We are going to start getting invited to holiday parties, fighting the crowds at stores and receiving and giving presents.  We will be traveling to see peeps we haven’t seen in a while and having to pack.  And, oh, and pictures!  All of the pictures!

But – do those sweaters from years past still work for you in your wardrobe?  And how will you drag all of those things out of storage and store summer things making sure that they stay safe through the winter?  What will you wear to holiday soirees, new year’s eve celebrations and holiday pictures with the fam?  And, what about shopping for these things for yourself?  For your family?  For your friends?  When will you do that?  Let me help!!  It’s my job!

Ok..Here goes..Get ready…Put your fast shoes on, and hang onto you hat….I am rolling out my first “Secret Recess Holiday Special”!

For November, December and January every one of my services is going to be 20% off!  And, here is the kicker – if you refer someone, I will give you another 10% off for everyone you refer.

So, say you (a new or existing client) book my most popular service “The Meeting of the Minds” for a date in November. I will give you the 20% off.  Then, you love it so much (which you will) you tell two friends and they book me as well (for 20% off).  You will get 10% off of your next service with me for each of them.  So, if you book me again in December at my hourly rate,  to say…hmm …style you for a big event (like New Years!) you will get that service at 50% off!  If you book me later, say like in February – I will still honor the 10% for each referral.  And, think about this, a few of your friends book me – and you get my services for free!  Also, I will totally travel to do this!  Don’t you dare feel limited geographically!

*I have to have met with you at least once to get extra referral percentages off.  Sorry!  If I didn’t require that – it would just be totally weird.

I can style your whole family for the family holiday pic!  I can help you get dressed for a big night out! I can go through your husband/son/daughters closet and see what she/he needs for Christmas or Hanukkah that is different and new!  I can help you organize, so you start your year off right!  Do you have a friend that is having a case of the frumps?  A few of you could go in together to pay and have me mix things up for her/him a bit on a personal shopping trip.  The possibilities are endless – and I am always interested in talking with you about your ideas.  Let me know what you need!  Never worked with a stylist, this is a great chance to try my services for cheap!

I get it, the holidays are tough on people.  Let me help you make it easier!

My email address is: and you can find me on Facebook under Secret Recess.

Let’s not do this (below).  Are the boy and the pop wearing Santa hats with ears? And, do you think they mean to be tilting their heads every so slightly this-a-way ——> and then that-a-way <——?

Or this…  You know you are just one feathery, red pleather/spandex mini dress, and awkwardly posed chair from having this little beauty from living in your photo book.  Wait, is that a garter on Ms Claus?

It is even too cold in Texas to wear this in December.  And, boy – they are a spindly

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