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Vintage Shopping Trip and Brunch and Bloody Mary’s at Contigo.

It’s no secret, I love vintage clothing.  I love shopping.  Thus, I love vintage shopping.

Also, I love brunch. I love bloody Mary’s and I love the weather right now.  Got to sit outside at the fantastic Contigo yesterday morning, eat an amazing brunch, gossip with a good friend and consume a delish bloody Mary.

Then I went vintage shopping.  So, yeah – yesterday was pretty much a perfect day for me!  What a great Sunday!

Vintage clothing is often times MUCH more affordable than even the cheap chain stores.  You find one of a kind, special pieces – many handmade.  The construction is more thoughtful, and sturdy than a lot of things today.  People didn’t have thousands of tee shirts, and jeans and dresses. (financially modest)  Anyone that has lived in an old home can tell you that – no closet space!  They had a few key pieces that needed to last.  (inexpensive) And, because vintage pieces are old – the cotton is often softer, jeans are already broken in and pieces have much more character.  (budget friendly)  And, perhaps most importantly – vintage shops and boutiques are usually locally owned, mom and pop stores.

If you mix your old with new, you won’t feel quite as costume-y.

Last weekend I went to a “Yard Sale” put on by several vintage shops around town.  It was awesome. This is what I got while I was there:

This little short sleeve sweater with the CUTEST little smiley face buttons.  PS wasn’t even $10.

And, this little button down shirt.  Super soft, fitted, cute little nautical themed throw on with skinnies and topsiders.  Totally tom-boyish.  Thought it would cute under a sweater with the fly collar sticking out.. Less than $10.

Last but not least, the piece de resistance.  This gorgeous camel colored coat.  Or, is it a cape?  Cape/coat…  Honestly, I don’t know exactly what it is – but it is dressy and in perfect condition and was very cheap (less than $30).  So Grace Kelly!

Anyway..  There ya have it.  My latest vintage finds..

Happy Monday!

A Challenge? And a shout out to Linda Richman. Yes. THAT Linda Richman.

Picked up this Michael Jackson meets Linda Richman studded, peach-y/mango-y – lightweight jacket today at an awesome 20 vendor Yard Sale at Spider House.

I think it is awesome.  BF thinks it is ridiculous and when I went into my – “well, I will rip the seam here and take out the shoulder pads (which are enormous, btw) and then I will pair it with something plain that looks like blah blah blah” – his eyes glazed over and he barely managed a “good luck with that, darlin'” before he turned back to the Cowboys game (they won).

A-HA!  A CHALLENGE!  Or at least, in my mind it is a challenge.  Everything is a game, ain’t it Anisman.

Anyway, I think it is an amazing gold studded, fake silk-y, Boca Raton, nugget of sweetness sent from 80’s wardrobe HEAVEN.

Can’t wait to show it off.  I’ll post pics of me in all of it’s nearly neon awesomeness and you can be the judge.


Outfit post: Monday – Bling, blang, cling, clang

Totally into layering long necklaces, like this.  Have you tried it?

The big crystal is the “Aura” from Ax+Apple purchased at Feathers Boutique.

The other, diamond-y looking one is from Momo’s March and was purchased at Co-Star.

Happy Monday!


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