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I’m back! And, I am married!

Yep! I missed a lot while I was gone.

But between work, the wedding, honeymoon, and moving – it was like I had just focus on little tiny pieces, one at a time.  So, some of the things I appreciate most – like writing this blog – fell to the side.

But, it is all over now.  Feels fantastic!  But, I have to say – I am so glad that I am only doing a wedding once.   Wowza.  Am I right married ladies in the audience?  Sheesh!  It wasn’t really the planning that freaked me out.  It was the personal pressure…Make sense?

Anyway, my photographers are busily working on my photos – but I was so curious, they sent me a few just to keep me sane.

And, by “they” I mean – Erica Nix and Whitney Lee from Whitney Lee Photography.   These women are FANTASTIC.  So fun, so professional, so outgoing and creative.  Hearts to them.  The photographer is so darn important – I mean, it is really all you have left from the wedding after it is over.  And, truthfully, I was so freaked walking down the aisle, I didn’t even “see” anything.  So, when they sent me these photos – it was the first time I actually absorbed the decorations.

I will blog later about the whole deal…caterers, wedding designer, wedding coordinator, venues, videographer, DJs, string quartet, etc etc.  For now, just a taste.


Ceremony Space – photo by Whitney Lee


Fringe during the day – Photo by Whitney Lee


Ceremony “Fans” – Photo by Whitney Lee


More and more and more later.  But in the meantime – check out the ladies at Whitney Lee and my amazingly creative designer Liz from The Nouveau Romantics.  Also, check out my locations Botticelli’s South Congress and Kimber Modern Hotel.  All incredible folks!


How do you say goodbye…to a house?

This is my parents house.  The house that they and their four children have lived in since the early 70s.

**Hard to believe right – I know.  I was actually born in the 70s.**

This house hosted countless dinner parties, graduation parties, engagement and wedding parties, luncheons for non-profits, Halloween parties, birthday parties….HOLIDAYS and more HOLIDAYS.  (My family is blended religiously and spiritually, so we celebrate a LOT of holidays!)

When I was born, my parents brought me home to this house..


Just look at my dad rocking the cool.  And me, rocking the red, old man face.

Here is my mother standing in front of the house with me as a wee babe.  (Is she wearing a robe?)

Anyway, it’s easy for me to become super nostalgic about this house.  Kinda funny, it seems it is easy for my friends to become nostalgic about this place because they kinda feel like they “grew up” in too.  When I posted this picture on my personal Facebook page of the moving truck out in front of the house a few weeks back – I got about 25 sweet responses.  And several texts and emails with sad faces and “oh, how I will miss that house” notes.  I was so touched.

My parents moved into the house in their 30s and joined a bustling neighborhood of other 30-somethings with young children and more children on the way.  There were built-in neighborhood babysitters.  Well worn bike routes, neighborhood rules (always “be home by the time the street lights come on!”), passageways scoped out in the alleys and everyone knew the older couples that would give you candy and look the other way when you ran through their backyard.

With this change in our family, it is interesting to look back at the changes in the neighborhood.  All of those 30-something parents with their young children have moved.  First, the children when they grew up and found their legs.  Then the parents when their houses were too big, too much for their needs.  My parents and the other families replaced older folks that’s families changed and grew up and out.  Now, my parents and their friends are being replaced by new families, with young children and more children on the way.

It’s easy for me to get super nostalgic and sappy about these kinds of things.  I miss the house already.  So weird that when I go home to visit my parents next time, I won’t in fact be going “home”.  And, I probably won’t ever go in that house again.  Odd.  My heart says all of that, my head says – your parents need a more manageable circumstance.  One that makes sense for them.  Sadly, this big ol’ house just doesn’t anymore.

I went home to help clean up and clean out.  And as I laid in bed the last night in that house, I thought about what the house wants for it’s new life.   I think it wants to be filled with young people again.  Kids that will run in it’s alleys, climb it’s trees and play in it’s yard.  It wants swing sets, baby pools, bikes and dogs.  It wants to be lively and happy and filled with families from the neighborhood – having drinks and laughs on the porch in the summer.  And trick or treating in the fall.  And, after a long day playing out in the neighborhood, it wants them safe at home….when the street lights come on.


Photoshoot with Sarah Stacey from Sarah Stacey Design and Sandy Carson

Something that I used to do more of when I lived in Los Angeles, and definitely want to do more of here in Austin, is style photoshoots.

I got the awesome opportunity to work with my friend and wine drinking partner,  Sarah Stacey and a fantastic photographer named Sandy Carson a few weeks back.  We got the images back and I am pretty pleased with the way the clothing looks.  We had a great time pulling and doing the fitting the day before.  One word – mimosas!

Gotta say that it TOTALLY helps that Sarah is completely photogenic, easy to work with, adventurous and has a great eye (she’s an interior designer afterall).  And Sandy is a totally freaking amazing photographer.  So fun and relaxed and had such great ideas.  Check out his website here.  You can get to Sarah’s interior design blog here.  And you can access the website for her interior design business – Sarah Stacey Design here.

Thanks for lookin’!


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