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Hair Do? Or Don’t?

Finally made an appointment to see my main gal, Carla at Ron King Salon.  Isn’t it the best feeling to make a hair appointment?  I know, I know…that sounds a little trite.  I mean, the “best” feeling should be working at a soup kitchen.  Or donating time/money to a cause, or rescuing a dog.  And,  those are “best” feelings.

But, getting your hair done feels like a real indulgence!  Don’t you think?   I might seem like a priss, and mostly I am – but I am not a big salon/pedicure/facial/message type person.  I mean, I love all that stuff, I just don’t really do any of it..ever..  (Don’t look at my toes..)  I mostly walk around and hope people won’t notice that I need a manicure, or need a keratin treatment on my ends, or I could really use a facial.  I was in my twenties before I had my first pedicure (GASP!).  I in fact, have never had my eyebrows done by a professional (double GASP!).

Did I just lose you?

Anyway, my husband goes to Carla.   As do several of my friends, my photographer from my wedding, and (I think) a couple of random peeps from work..  She does great work, especially on someone like me who struggles with decisions about their own hair.  Which, is probably why I don’t go to the salon etc soon.  It’s work to analyze yourself, and then – what if you don’t like it once it is done – it takes SOOOOO long to grow/change etc. Because of all of this, I had nearly the same haircut for 15 years and my ex-boyfriend used to cut my hair in the kitchen (yes, really).

I started to feel like it was time to grow up and do something!  So, I went to Carla and to a real salon – woweee!  We have gotten to that place where I can just walk in and go – “HELP! What do I do, oh balayage master?  Hair whisperer, where do I go from here?!”

She looks at my hair, we look at images of hair, and then she does it and I think it looks great.  Doing hair is a real art form.

Anyway, I get to go next week.  YAY!  So, I am thinking about what we can do!  Here is where I am with it…

Do I go lighter?


Somewhere in between?

Do I let it grow?

Or cut if off shorter?


Or, let ’em grow out further and do a blunt cut kinda thang?

Oh, decisions, decisions, decisions!

How do you figure out what color/cut/style you want?  Do you scour the interwebs for images?  Leave it all up to the hair dresser?

Don’t have a hairdresser and live in Austin? Go see Carla.  She rocks.


Makeup Tutorials and Pixiewoo

Found this website: PixieWoo when I was goofing around…er…doing research, on the internet.

There are like 1 million things I love about this whole thing they have going on.  One thing are the very detailed reviews.  They are complete with gorgeous pictures and detailed explanation of every.single.thing.  But, I think the the thing I like the most is their makeup tutorials on YouTube.  They cover everything from corpse brides (as in Tim Burton) to Edie Sedgwick’s iconic black and white eye and nude lip (as in awesome).  It is mesmerizing to watch, first.  Second, they teach you something!

Like – how to do your brows!  I think everyone needs to see a tutorial on how to deal with their brows, am I wrong?  It is so hard not to over-pluck!

I was so enthralled with the Kim Kardashian makeup tutorial, I didn’t even notice that Josie was killing a little pink elephant just steps away.



Make-up with the base.

Makeup is fun fun fun.  I have loved it ever since my mother allowed me to purchase some teal mascara and pearly white nail polish.  Which weirdly, are still colors that can be pulled off I think.  Anyway, I thought I would go over just a few of the 10,000 products I have in my makeup cases and focus a bit on what goes on first – your base to your face.  (And yes, I said cases.  Shut up. Please?)

Much like the rest of the country, it’s really hot here in Austin, Texas.  During the summer I tend to just try to keep my lipstick from melting off of my face, the shine from blinding people around me and a few other things.

My first goal is to create a smooth face.  When I am going for a minimalist/simple (read hot as hell, can’t do more) approach, I like to follow-up by darkening my eyelashes, fill in my eyebrows, smooth on a little rouge, I mean blush.  Rouge?  What?  Was I born in 1917?  Have no idea why I said that.  And, wear some lip color – stick or a non-thick gloss.  But I will go over those things in other installments.

Call me crazy, but when I look at girls with tons of makeup on during the summer (107 degree summer) it makes me feel hot.  And, it grosses me out to see “base” getting all slick and thick on someone’s face.  It always pools in weird places – like your PORES or the creases in your nose and makes you look (gasp) OLDER and WRINKLIER.  Which I am pretty darn sure is the EXACT opposite of what we are going for.  One has to tone down in the summer.  Less is more.  And, leave the thick for the newscasters and the GAGlamour Shots.

I have used a million bases and I have recently been impressed by:

Kiehl’s Tinted Moisturizer

Kiehl’s Tinted Moisturizer

Have I mentioned it is 107 degrees?  I can usually manage a little bit on my nose, chin and middle of the forehead even in this weather.  A little goes a LONG ASS WAY.  Like, use a drop.  Seriously.

In the winter, I will use a little bit more for the protection.  It is a moisturizer and has SPF so it protects and feels good but doesn’t start to look shiny.  It is the perfect emulsion.  Sometimes tinted moisturizer feel more like light lotion and they can do this weird webby thing over your face.  This is thick enough for coverage, but the moisturizing part is lotion-y enough that is soaks in, smooths out fine lines and just leaves even coverage.

I know that is a complicated description.  But, go try it – you will see what I mean.  And remember, only use a drop.

Then I will use this under my eyes:

YSL Touche éclat

Touche Eclat

Don’t freak when you see the price.  You are buying a bona-fide miracle in a fancy gold tube.

My sister told me about Touche éclat months ago.  I scoffed at the price and didn’t purchase right away.  I bought several concealers that sucked.  And finally went for it and have not looked back.

Again, a little goes a long way.  You really only need a swipe or maybe a swipe and 1/2.  Unless you were out drinking the night before, in which case you need 3 swipes.

I also happen to think you should spend a few more bucks making your skin look great.  Go cheap on lip gloss or even mascara if you must. Like, how important is it to have soft, smooth, flawless skin?  Really freaking important!  Good skin is the main thing, I think.  This product reflects light off of circles, this product covers the tiny veins, this product feels light and doesn’t settle in your wrinkles – even when you apply this to the outside corners.  It doesn’t sit in my errr, I mean, one’s crow’s-feet.

Really.  Go to Sephora or the YSL counter at a department store and try it.  But start saving now, because I feel certain you will feel like me and love it and not want to leave without it.  I would hate to see or hear about you death gripping it and wrestling the makeup lady down to the shiny floor at Neiman’s.  They don’t like that so much.

This is my first post on make-up and I plan to do a couple more in the coming days.

I welcome your feedback.  If you have any suggestions on products that you use – leave a comment or email me at!  Maybe I will go get them and review ’em in a later post.  I love new makeup and tricks, so let it rip.

So to speak.

And, you know what I mean by “let ‘er rip”  I mean, suggestions – not the other thing.



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