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In The Woods. Literally.

Sometimes you just gotta go take a walk in the woods.

From the Barton Creek Greenbelt in Austin, Texas.

Do you spy the doggies in the weeds?


Pinterest – it’s a internet spaz’s dream.

I am a spaz.  And, a spaz about a lot of things, like art, red lipstick and clothes and couches (forever looking for the best couch on planet).  Like clothing sales (!!), bathroom tiles and water pressure.  Like dogs (obsessed), vintage clothing (especially from the 70s), bohemian Indian fabrics (cotton) and snow cones (lemon/lime or sweet tea!) and John Hughes movies.  And, chimeras (YIKES!) to name just a few of my varied interests.

My friends are all raising their eyebrows and nodding their heads in agreement – “hell yah she is such a spaz – had no idea about the chimeras.”

Scary Mythical Chimera

This all makes Pinterest so fun to me.  It is super fun “research” for the business I am dreaming up in my head that I will start one day.  No, not at all time-wasting.  Stop it.  No judgement.  I am not judging you.  I will once I follow you on Pinterest though – jus’ saying.

Take me away, because I am totally addicted to Pinterest.

SO fun.

If you are like me and spend precious hours of your life looking at things on the web, and then spend a million precious hours trying to re-find all of the cool stuff you originally found (phew – does that make sense?  I am not so sure) then Pinterest is your deal.

Maybe this explanation will help..  So see, you create virtual vision boards, download a little virtual pin to your toolbar and then go crazy pinning all of the beautiful, scary, freaky, fun, pretty, things you find on the web.  Right now, I have several boards going and everyday find new things that I want to create boards for.  I have a clothes, a shoes and bags, a party, a home interiors and a home architecture board and a couple of random others.  I plan on adding a printed materials one, or something that I could use as a logo inspiration type board.  I also want one for Scary Animal pics. Not, snarling, animals that are trying to be intimidating.  But those freaky artistic pictures that have a wolf or a bear sitting in some creepy “The Shining” hotel.   I don’t know, yet.  But, if you follow me on there – Secret Recess – then you will see what I come up with.

I am mainly using them as a way to remember cool stuff, like I said before the last paragraph and after the chimera (YIKES) shout out.  And, they are also a way to create a vision/inspiration board.  Yes, like that  “Secret” type vision board that was so popular a few years back.  Hell, I want a house darn-it all – and need all the help I can get.  Cosmic intervention or not – I will find cool stuff and not FORGET the cool stuff I find or where to get it.  Isn’t that always the case?  You get the opportunity to create, and then you flounder about trying to remember things that were inspirational.  Just me?  Whateves..Not No Mo’.

I mentioned before following me on Pinterest.  Well, you can.  You can follow me, and I can follow you.  And, you can follow other people.  And, you can follow your talented, fashion-y, interior design-y, architecture-y, photography-ish friends.  There are people on there that have like, 2 million pins.  It’s pin-de-monium, I tell you!

You can also Tweet and Facebook post your “pins” which is super handy and a great way to stay active in those communities.

Follow me on twitter: @Secret_Recess

Like my page on Facebook: Secret Recess

And, you can follow me (I will follow you back!  OOOO! FUN!) on Pinterest under the same thing: Secret Recess or

Have fun!  See ya on the inter-webs!


Wonder if The Strokes are “Stroked”?

Is This It - The Strokes

I would argue that The Strokes 2001 album, Is This It is one of the best albums of this century.

It effin’ rocks, dude.  Seriously rocks, in my opinion.  And, in 2002 and the “white belt” club (read: 20-somethings before they were called “hipsters” and before “hipsters” were 13 and wore Hot Topic and feather hair extensions) this album defined a moment in time. I also felt like they sort of kicked off the “The” bands like The Hives, The Vines in the early 2000s..

Remember too that top 40 included Shaggy, Blu Cantrell, O-Town, Nickleback and HOOBASTANK.  HOOBASTANK.  Did I even spell that correctly?  And what in the hell is Hoobastank anyway?

Nevermind, I do not care AT ALL what a Hoobastank is or was and I definitely don’t care what it stanks like.  Nobody needs to email me, or comment on this post to tell me.  It is enough to know that it sucks.  Like, sucks in a major way.

**And, there was the ever-present random tangent every single one of my posts must include.  It is how you know that it is really me writing this, and not some imposter.**

Back to The Strokes.  They were great when I saw them live at The Hollywood Bowl (!!) in 2002.  They were awesome when I saw them this year during South By Southwest, despite the fact that there was basically a riot at the show.  (ROCK!  YEAAAAHHH!) Everyone jumps up and down, everyone sings..their shows are a blast and I promised myself that I would always try to go see them when possible.

Maybe I like them because I grew up with them.  They are about my age.  They used to be drunk and sweaty and kinda obnoxious at their shows.  I was probably all of those things, most of the time.  Hell, I was young, I wore a vintage white belt of my fathers, and didn’t know what Hot Topic was..

It is really hard for me to believe that all of this was 10 years ago.

Moving on down and off of memory lane.. To celebrate the release of Is this It in July of 2001,  I learned today that Stereogum is presenting a tribute album and it is full of free MP3s.  Find the link to download and have a listen here.

Stroked - Is This It Tribute Album

I especially like Peter Bjorn and John’s cover of “Is This It” and Frankie Rose’s cover of “Soma”.

I think the original album is rock/pop perfection and I don’t think you can improve on it.  But, you can pay tribute and be interesting.  And, for fans like me – this is kinda interesting.  Check it out.

XOXO – Secret Recess

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