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New, Weird Obsession

I am on the hunt, scouring the interwebs for something.

This sudden overwhelming obsession that sends me into a semi-frantic hunt online is not a strange circumstance.  Every once in a while I get fixated on something – usually TOTALLY random –  and search and search and search until I find it.  It can take me months, days, weeks..hours.  It’s kinda fun for me.  Like some primal hunting and gathering instinct left over from another time and place.

There was the time that I couldn’t do anything until I found a vintage black leather moto jacket.  FOUND!  Then there was the time when I couldn’t get enough gauzy, Indian printed tunics.  FOUND..MANY!  Then, Genetic Denim “Shane” cigarette leg jeans.  FOUND!

Anyway, this time around – I am searching for a vintage, gold (or silver tone) chain mail bib.

Like this…oooo shiney.


Or, like this one:



Not sure where this started…But, I neeeeeed a chain mail bib.  Need. I am seeing it this spring with a white tee, jeans and flats with red lipstick.

Who knows.. Anyway, I will let you know if I find one..

Have a great week!


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