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Yes, another VMA re-crap.

Ok.  So.  I watched part of the VMA’s last night before I was torn away by my obsession with Breaking Bad (HOLY HELL!).

And, here is what I saw..

Jay Z and Kanye walking out of what appears to be a giant vagina. On fire.  A giant vagina of fire.



Is this an ode to Beyonce’s impregnated womb?

Now, now, now – I love Jay Z.  And, I love Kanye.  Especially when he says things like “George Bush hates black people” (HILARIOUS).  And their new album is dope.  See, even white girls got to shout.  But, they came out all awesome like, through this birth canal, er..lit up row of lights and ended the song at the end of the stage.  Then, the music stopped and they stood there kinda awkward and then ran off.  It was weird.  And, this is Jay the mutha effing Zeee and Kan-YAY Wess!  Perhaps they should have gone back the way they came?

(There are so many jokes I want to say right now..)

Liked Kanye’s shirt though.  But, the crotch of his pants looks wide.  And, not in a good way.  Not in the way you think I mean.

Then, this?  What the..?


It looks like there is pink poop on her head.

There.  Someone had to say it.

And, Katy Perry..  What you would get if a Geisha and Rainbow Bright gave birth to a scary white kid with perfect boobs.

I don’t know.  Maybe I am just too old for this.  But, I feel like there are only a couple of people out there doing the whole “look how crazy I can dress” and they are all losing to Gaga aka Ralph Macchio.




She looked like s Simpson’s version of Ralph.  Or, like when you have a dream about someone and you know it is them, but for some reason they look like an exaggerated version of themselves.  Voila!  Lady Gaga as her abusive transgendered ex-boyfriend!

Ok, then at the end (came back to it after BB) – I thought my TV or digital cable was going out during Little Wayne’s performance.  I mean… Every other syllable was dropped. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.  What was the point?  I get it, you’re pissed at the world, or whatever.

But, really?  Oh, you didn’t get you were on TV.  Ah.  Understandable.  I cuss like that too when I am not being recorded.


Now, for my something positive.  Beyonce looked amazing on the carpet (that was black btw, oh, those cheeky MTV creatives).  She’s wearing Lanvin, which is amazing and she looks incredible.


Womb and all.

And, there ya have it.  My highlights and low lights and commentary on the 2011 MTV VMAs.





Stay cool..

Summer is almost over in most parts of the country and soon we will be wearing boots and scarves, watching football and eating soup.

Two things I have been relying on all summer (FYI it is 108..STILL) are dresses and snow cones.




Tibi Draped Dress





Velvet Aimee Long Stripe



Rory Beca Ralph Wrap Dress


Looks pretty refreshing, right?

Closest thing we have to an ice bath here in Austin is Barton Springs…It’ll do.  Ahh.


The beautiful Barton Springs – Austin, Texas



Whose got a hook up? And check Club Monaco Fall 2011..

I totally need a hook up at Club Monaco!  Don’t hold on on me now…

Caught wind of their Fall 2011 collection this morning from one of my favorite blogs Honestly…WTF and am totally freaking out.  LIKE, TOTALLYFREAKINGOUT!

First.  This dress…

And, the back.  DYING.

And, this…

And then there is this…

You think I am kidding, right?  I know, I know!  It’s crazy!

So amazing and retro.  You know why?  Because the collection is inspired by the 50s beatnik movement and  fashion icons from the 60s and 70s.  Like Edie Sedgwick (below).

They nailed it, in my opinion.  Check out some more of my favorites in the slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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